Your Next Move Standings After 5 Rapid Rounds

After Day 1 of Your Next Move — Grand Chess Tour 2016 Leuven, Anand leads with half a point.

Rapid results after round 5 follows:


Surprisingly, Hikaru Nakamura, the winner of the Paris leg, is at the bottom with only 1.5 points. Wesley So, on the other hand, still coming in strong being tied at the second place.

Check out Wesley So’s win against Fabiano Caruana in Round 5.

Overall Tournament standings:

1 Anand, Vishy 7
2 Caruana, Fabiano 6
3 So, Wesley 6
4 Topalov, Veselin 5
5 Aronian, Levon 5
6 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 5
7 Giri, Anish 5
8 Carlsen, Magnus 4
9 Kramnik, Vladimir 4
10 Nakamura, Hikaru 3

Replay all Your Next Move — Grand Chess Tour 2016 Rapid Games

Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour.



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