World’s Youngest FIDE Master

Would you agree that FM Alekhine Nouri is another Wesley So in the making?


Alekhine Nouri became the world’s youngest FIDE Master (FM) after winning the 14th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championships in Thailand in 2013. Born in Negros in December 12, 2005, Alekhine was named after the former world champion Alexander Alekhine.

For me, I’m quite skeptical about FIDE awarding FM titles to the winners of U8 (under 8 years old) continental tournaments when their rating is yet way below 2300 (FM titles are usually conveyed to players with Elo rating of 2300 or more). Kids may not be able to follow up their strong performance with even bigger feats in the future.

Currently, Alekhine Nouri is rated 1740 in his FIDE Profile Card, although in the July 2016 NCFP Player Ratings he’s already at 1956. At the current age of 10, though, I do hope he’ll be the next boy wonder of Philippine chess. GM Joey Antonio, in his Facebook post, thinks he’s another Wesley So in the making:

Photo credit: NCFP.



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