Michael Adams Named Wildcard in London Chess Classic 2016

Thus, Magnus Carlsen is now out of contention for the Grand Chess Tour top prize.

Michael Adams (Photo: Ray Morris-Hill)
Michael Adams (Photo: Ray Morris-Hill)

London Chess Classic:

The 10th and last player to join the line-up of the 8th London Chess Classic is none other than England’s number one, Michael Adams. The Cornishman has been the country’s leading player since 1999 and was once ranked number 4 in the world.

Thus, Magnus Carlsen is officially out of the race for the Grand Chess Tour 2016 top prize. That leaves Hikaru Nakamura alone in contention, who still has a lot of catching up to do with the tour leader, Wesley So.

Final list of participants for the London Chess Classic 2016 follows:

London Chess Classic 2016 List of Participants

1Maxime Vachier-LagraveFrance2528192
2Vladimir KramnikRussia4128083
3Fabiano CaruanaUnited States2428074
4Levon AronianArmenia3327925
5Hikaru NakamuraUnited States2827916
6Wesley SoUnited States2227717
7Viswanathan AnandIndia4627708
8Anish GiriNetherlands2227699
9Veselin TopalovBulgaria41276112
10Michael AdamsEngland44272728


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