Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Live Updates

Check out the latest happenings in Baku, Azerbaijan, as the 42nd Chess Olympiad progresses.





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7 thoughts on “Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Live Updates”

  1. Many opponents of Eugene Torre in board 3 of the Baku 2016 Olympiad are surprised that despite his average ELO rating due to inactivity, he is able to match with higher rated GMs. They probably don’t know that he was once in a candidate’s match during his younger days. His experience equals that of a superGM.

  2. After 2 succesive loses to Italy and Spain in the ongoing Baku chess olympiad, the PHL’s ranking went down from 19th to 50th. It’s target of finishing at the top ten for the 3 remaining games is now a big doubt.

  3. The PHL slides down farther from 50th to 56th in team ranking despite a draw with Argentina with 2 more rounds remaining in the Baku chess olympiad 2016. It’s because of losses in board 2 and 4 in the previous rounds. Kudos to GMs Sadorra and Torre for keeping us afloat. If not for them, we are now in the bottom rankings.

  4. Despite a 4-0 win against Scotland in the 10th round, the PHL team managed to climb only from 56th to 53rd in Team rankings in the ongoing Baku Chess Olympiad. They will meet Australia in the 11th and last round. China and Vietnam are way ahead of us in team ranking. This reflects how chess developments in these 2 countries have surpassed us producing 7 superGMs 4 of whom are now playing for China and 1 superGM playing 1st board with Vietnam. We have also produced 1 superGM in the person of GM Wesley So but unfortunately he now plays for the US team which is cinched to take the gold medal at Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad.

  5. I’m confident that GM Wesley So will achieve the ELO rating level of 2800 within this year from the way he is playing. There are only 4 GMs in the world who have achieved and surpassed this fete, Carlsen, Kramnik, LaGrave and Caruana. Hopefully, So will be the 5th judging from his live ELO rating of 2792 surpassing GM Nakamura, his teammate of team US.

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