Eugene Torre leads players ranking after Round 9

With seven wins and 2 draws, GM Eugenio Torre leads all the players in terms of points as he got 8 points out of 9 games as of the end of Round 9 in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad. He has yet to lose a single game in this event.

Check out the top players at the end of Round 9 below. Also, check the summary list of his opponents so far for the first nine rounds. You may replay all Eugene Torre games so far in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad below:Replay »

Top Players after Round 9

No.NameRtgTeamPts. Games%Bo.Rp
1GMTorre Eugenio 2447Philippines8988.932804
2GMIndjic Aleksandar 2548Serbia7.5983.342754
3IMCapo Vidal Uriel 2314Mexico7710023038
4GMJobava Baadur 2665Georgia7887.513013
5GMNepomniachtchi Ian 2740Russia7887.542887
6IMSmirnov Anton 2482Australia7887.542755
7GMFernandes Antonio 2413Portugal7887.542689
8IMGemy Jose Daniel 2384Bolivia7977.812456
9GMNakamura Hikaru 2789United States of America7977.822853
10GMKovalenko Igor 2651Latvia7977.822797
11GMLenic Luka 2622Slovenia7977.822762
12GMHansen Eric 2582Canada7977.842681
13GMVolokitin Andrei 2647Ukraine6.5792.952974
14GMKovalyov Anton 2617Canada6.5881.322836
15GMGretarsson Hjorvar Steinn 2547Iceland6.5881.322680
16GMSo Wesley 2782United States of America6.5881.332862
17GMNabaty Tamir 2630Israel6.5881.332712
18GMGuseinov Gadir 2625Azerbaijan 26.5881.342662
19GMGuliyev Namig 2577Azerbaijan 26.5881.352634
20GMZhigalko Sergei 2652Belarus6.5972.212783
21FMAsadli Vugar 2406Azerbaijan 36.5972.212494
22GMDuda Jan-Krzysztof 2675Poland6.5972.222686
23Maghsoodloo Parham 2566Iran6.5972.222655
24GMKadric Denis 2583Bosnia & Herzegovina6.5972.222589
25IMGascon Del Nogal Jose Rafael 2436Venezuela6.5972.222526
26IMMehmeti Dritan 2415Albania6.5972.222490
27GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi 2669India6.5972.232767
28IMLorparizangeneh Shahin 2478Iran6.5972.232631
29GMZhu Chen 2418Qatar6.5972.242429
30Sohib Okla 2153Syria6.5972.242297


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    1. No 1983 nasa peak pa sya nun qualified sya sa candidates matched no 8 sya kaya nakalaban nya si zoltan ribli ng hungary at nung 1988 chess olympic Phils landed no 7 in the world board 1 sya nung 90’s nag concentrate sya sa pag build up ng mga young chess player pero nitog year 2012 nag champion sya sa battle of the grandmaster COUNTRIES top Grandmaster wala nga lang si Wesly So dito

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