Philippines Board Match-ups in Round 6 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad

As mentioned earlier, it’s gonna be a tough match for the Philippines team in the Open section (Seed No. 53), as they face the team of the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, Norway (Seed No. 12), in Round 6 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad.

GM Julio Catalino Sadorra will face the World Champion himself in Board 1:

Bo.12Norway (NOR)Rtg-53Philippines (PHI)Rtg
12/1GMCarlsen, Magnus (w)2857-GMSadorra, Julio Catalino (b)2560
12/2GMHammer, Jon Ludvig (b)2651-GMGomez, John Paul (w)2492
12/3GMTari, Aryan (w)2570-GMTorre, Eugenio (b)2447
12/4GMUrkedal, Frode (b)2537-GMBarcenilla, Rogelio (w)2455

The Philippines Women team (Seed No. 46) will face a probably lighter opposition in Mexico (Seed No. 57) in Round 6:

Bo.57Mexico (MEX)Rtg-46Philippines (PHI)Rtg
13/1WIMGuerrero Rodriguez, Alejandra (w)2043-WIMFrayna, Janelle Mae (b)2281
13/2WIMFuentes Godoy, Lilia Ivonne (b)2142-WIMFronda, Jan Jodilyn (w)2128
13/3WFMParkhurst Casas, Miriam (w)1993-WIMSecopito, Catherine (b)2119
13/4WIMGarcia Morales, Ivette Ale (b)2006-WFMMendoza, Shania Mae (w)1965


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