Karjakin Wins Round 8!

After 7 games of series of draws, finally, the Challenger and the underdog of the match, Sergey Karjakin, drew first blood with a convincing win in Round 8 with the black pieces. This happened after the World Champion Magnus Carlsen blundered on two consecutive moves with 51.Qe6?? and 52.h4??, after which when Karjakin forwarded his pawn with 52… a2, Carlsen resigned. He can’t take the a2 pawn with 52.Qxa2 because he’ll lose his chance for a perpetual check when 53. Qxa2 Ng4+ 54. Kh3 Qg1. He can only continue with 55. Bf3 Nf2+ 56. Qxf2 Qxf2.

This World Championship match is slated for 12 rounds, and thus Magnus has to score at least 1 game in the next 4 rounds in order to at least retain his title.

Match Summary

Carlsen, MagnusNOR2853½½½½½½½0½1½½6
Karjakin, SergeyRUS2772½½½½½½½1½0½½6

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