World Champions Ranked by CAPS has recently developed a tool that evaluates the strength of play for any chess player, or the quality of moves of any chess game. They call it the Computer Aggregated Precision Score (or CAPS).

Essentially, what CAPS does is evaluate a player’s game (or set of games) and assess its moves for its accuracy against what the computers think are the best moves in each given position.

Now, since world champions of different eras have no way to prove their worth against each other, CAPS is a good way to evaluate and compare the quality of their games, and thus will give us a “rough estimate” of how well world champions will fare against each other should they face over the chessboard.

Indeed, did just that.

Now, let’s find out how your favorite world champion fared using the CAPS system below:

CAPS World Champions
CAPS World Champions

What do you think? Do you agree with the CAPS system? Put your comments below.



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2 thoughts on “World Champions Ranked by CAPS”

    1. I think CAPS doesnt take into consideration the complexity of the games. For example a player with a style like Tal or Shirov etc. tend to create chaos OTB. In these games is very difficult for both players to find best moves but these players think that the can find more best moves than the oppenent. That reduces the CAPS of both players but doesnt say anything about the strength of the players itself.

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