Guijarro leads Gibraltar 2017 with 1 round to go

GM David Anton Guijarro

David Anton Guijarro beats Veselin Topalov in the penultimate Round 9 of Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2017 (Replay ») to take the solo lead with 1 round to go. He might only be the 24th seed (ELO 2650) coming into this tournament, but he finds himself ahead of household names in the chess world such as Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Michael Adams, Boris Gelfand, and especially Fabiano Caruana.

Caruana is having a hard time in this tournament after he lost to Nigel Short in the 6th round and drew with several lower rated players in earlier rounds before that, thus he’s at No. 12 in the ranking after Round 9. He’s currently at 3rd place in the live ratings with 2819.7. He’s set to face Varuzhan Akobian in the final round.

Replay all Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2017.

Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2017 Ranking after Round 9

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1
124GMAnton Guijarro David ESP26507.52878
23GMNakamura Hikaru USA27857.02826
32GMVachier-Lagrave Maxime FRA27967.02819
45GMAdams Michael ENG27517.02818
58GMYu Yangyi CHN27387.02811
638GMJu Wenjun CHN25837.02785
713GMCheparinov Ivan BUL26897.02766
810GMGelfand Boris ISR27217.02727
930GMEdouard Romain FRA26137.02685
1020GMHowell David W L ENG26556.52740
1128GMSutovsky Emil ISR26286.52719
121GMCaruana Fabiano USA28276.52718
7GMTopalov Veselin BUL27396.52718
1412GMMatlakov Maxim RUS27016.52700
1527GMAkobian Varuzhan USA26336.52696
1669IMSteinberg Nitzan ISR24866.52684
1718GMFressinet Laurent FRA26606.52680
1814GMKovalenko Igor LAT26846.52634
1936GMGledura Benjamin HUN25896.52590
2016GMShort Nigel D ENG26756.02708
2111GMNaiditsch Arkadij AZE27026.02667
2258GMStefanova Antoaneta BUL25126.02663
239GMVitiugov Nikita RUS27246.02653
2421GMIturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo VEN26526.02649
2526GMSethuraman S.P. IND26376.02646
42GMDeac Bogdan-Daniel ROU25726.02646
276GMSvidler Peter RUS27486.02643
2833GMFridman Daniel GER25946.02639
2922GMHou Yifan CHN26516.02636
3023GMPiorun Kacper POL26516.02633
3154GMLagno Kateryna RUS25306.02630
3248GMHuzman Alexander ISR25576.02620
3317GMShankland Samuel L USA26746.02614
3468IMKrysa Leandro ARG24916.02613
3537GMLalith Babu M R IND25876.02598
3646GMDonchenko Alexander GER25596.02595
3750GMSchroeder Jan-Christian GER25506.02594
384GMIvanchuk Vassily UKR27526.02563
3952GMLibiszewski Fabien FRA25456.02554
4035GMIstratescu Andrei FRA25936.02508
4151GMMuzychuk Mariya UKR25466.02502
4286IMZatonskih Anna USA24436.02489

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