So vs. Nakamura in Round 8 US Chess Championship 2017

Here’s the match-ups for the 8th round of the US CHess Championship 2017:

1Caruana, Fabiano 3.5 2817-Naroditsky, Daniel3.52646
2Shabalov, Alexander 2.0 2556-Kamsky, Gata3.02659
3Shankland, Samuel L 3.5 2666-Xiong, Jeffery2.52674
4So, Wesley 4.5 2822-Nakamura, Hikaru4.02793
5Onischuk, Alexander 3.5 2667-Robson, Ray3.52668
6Zherebukh, Yaroslav 4.5 2605-Akobian, Varuzhan4.02645

Most interesting is the match up between Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura.



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