Wesley So Wins US Chess Championship 2017 Title

Wesley So and Alexander Onischuk were tied for first place at the end of the final Round 11. Two rapid tie-break games were all it took to decide the US Chess Champion for 2017 — no need for an Armageddon game.

US Chess Championship 2017 Tie-Break Results

So, Wesley28221½
Onischuk, Alexander26670½½

Wesley So won the first game after opting for complications in the middle game. Onischuk, being on time trouble from these complications, wasn’t able to hold on and succumbed to bad moves and lost.

In the second game, Onischuk with white was up two pawns leading to the end game, but time pressure caught up to him again and So forced a perpetual check, and thus a draw.

Replay tie-break games below:Replay »

And thus, Wesley So is the 2017 US Chess Champion!

US Chess Championship 2017 Final Ranking

1GM So, Wesley28228.5
2GM Onischuk, Alexander26677.5
3GM Caruana, Fabiano28176.5
4GM Nakamura, Hikaru27936.5
5GM Akobian, Varuzhan26456.5
6GM Zherebukh, Yaroslav26055.5
7GM Shankland, Samuel L26665
8GM Kamsky, Gata26595
9GM Naroditsky, Daniel26465
10GM Robson, Ray26684.5
11GM Xiong, Jeffery26744
12GM Shabalov, Alexander25563.5

This is Wesley’s first US title, and also his fourth title in four major chess events in the last eight months. Surely, he’s a force to reckon with in the next World Chess Championship cycle.

Of course, Wesley So wore his Barong Tagalog again this time

Photos: Lennart Ootes.


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70 thoughts on “Wesley So Wins US Chess Championship 2017 Title”

  1. Ang phil. Chess fed. Gakautangx2
    para ka esend sa ubang nasud to mprove urgame! Pagsikat mo ga US cit. Ka? Wat a mentality. A filipino wearng american? Basug u b d same as Fischer. Kaparov Korchnoi. NANGABUANG

    1. hey Nel wag mo nang alisin sa mga pinoy un. kesyo di na nya nirerepresent ang phils e di na sila hahanga at magkocongratulate. alam namin nakakapagbasa pa nman kmi ng news hehehe… kahit di na sila pinoy once in their life naging pinoy din sila… humahanga sila kc hes young and very talented…

    2. Bob wla naman akong ibig sabihin kundi nalulungkot ako sa taong ito na tinalikuran ang bansa. Kung para sa inyo kahangahanga yun eh thats your choice. Pero its probably because he did not get the right support.

    3. maraming ganyan Nel di lang sa sports…no problem kanya kanyang comment lang…no big deal… musta naman dyan dito sibrang init na. nabigla ako dto sa tarlac tuyo na pati dami unlike sa negros. galing ako dun for almost 3 weeks….

    4. Nakakalungkot talaga. He was just asking few considerations para Hindi magconflict sa sked nya sa school sa US but Phil Ches fed would not grant it kaya he opted to take his chance to develop his skills further and it turned out to be a good choice. But I still believe he is a filipino by heart. Sana this should be an eye opener to our local sports officials.

  2. Congratz Wesley! marami Sana tayong maggaling n Chess Player dto s Pinas, kulang lng talaga s exposure s mga torneo s ibang Bansa dahil s kakulangan Ng support Ng Philippine Sport Commission. look at Wesley So n na-expose Ng mabuti s mga ibat ibang torneo s ibang Bansa dahil s support Ng America. nung nasanay n sya s pressure at sistema ay pinagsisibak nya n lahat Ang mga batikan n Chess Grandmaster s buong Mundo encluding former World Champ Garry Kasparov at ngayon ay World no.2 n sya s pinaka-magaling n Chess Player s buong mundo behind the no.1 Magnus Carlsen.

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