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Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Board Prizes Winners

At the conclusion of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad, here are the Board Prizes winners for the Open Section. Board Prizes are awarded to top players in each board in terms of rating performance, not winning percentage nor game points.

Replay all the games of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad (Open).

42nd Chess Olympiad Board Prizes Winners – Open


Board 1 Winners – Open

1GMJobava Baadur2665Georgia29268,080,010
2GMDominguez Perez Leinier2720Cuba28397,575,010
3GMCaruana Fabiano2808United States28387,070,010

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Philippines (Women) Draws Against Canada in Round 4 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad

It was Shania Mae Mendoza’s first game in the Baku Olympiad, and she won her game against Maili-Jade Ouellet of Canada, to even the score 2-2 in their match. Replay »


The Philippines Women’s team are ranked 44th after this Round 4 draw. They will be up against Algeria in Round 5. Continue reading “Philippines (Women) Draws Against Canada in Round 4 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad”

Chess Beauty: Alexandra Botez

I can only imagine how perturbed a much higher-rated, alpha male chess player can be playing in front of such refined beauty.

Katherine Eisenbrand writes in Standford’s Pulse MagazineYou Just Got Pawned:

ALEXANDRA BOTEZ IS among Canada’s best female chess players, speaks five languages, attends Stanford, and on top of all that she’s trending on Reddit, 9GAG, Imgur, and Tumblr. It also seems like no other “Alexandra Botez” exists in the world, because sixteen search pages later the headlines still read “Botez, Canada’s Best, Most Accomplished, Most Beautiful, Most Amazingly Talented Chess Players.” I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

At the current ELO rating of 2092, I think she’s still far from what she is being described as The Most Amazingly Talented Chess Player. Continue reading “Chess Beauty: Alexandra Botez”