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Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Board Prizes Winners

At the conclusion of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad, here are the Board Prizes winners for the Open Section. Board Prizes are awarded to top players in each board in terms of rating performance, not winning percentage nor game points.

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42nd Chess Olympiad Board Prizes Winners – Open


Board 1 Winners – Open

1GMJobava Baadur2665Georgia29268,080,010
2GMDominguez Perez Leinier2720Cuba28397,575,010
3GMCaruana Fabiano2808United States28387,070,010

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Philippines lost to Lithuania; Settled for 34th Place Final Ranking (Women)

Lithuania proved to be too tough to handle for the Philippines Women team, as they lost 3-to-1 in the tally sheet, in the 11th and final round of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad.

Bo.46Philippines (PHI)Rtg1 : 312Lithuania (LTU)Rtg
12/1WIMFrayna, Janelle Mae (w)22810 - 1GMCmilyte, Viktorija (b)2536
12/2WIMFronda, Jan Jodilyn (b)21280 - 1IMDaulyte, Deimante (w)2421
12/3WIMSecopito, Catherine (w)21191 - 0WIMZaksaite, Salomeja (b)2298
12/4WFMMendoza, Shania Mae (b)19650 - 1WFMBatyte, Daiva (w)2189

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As a result, the Philippines Women team settled for 34th place in the final ranking, up from their 46th seed at the start of the tournament.

Philippines wins against Italy in Round 10 Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Women

Another strong finish by the Philippine Women’s team in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad.

The 46th seed Philippines beats the 20th seed Italy in Round 10:

Bo.20Italy (ITA)Rtg1½:2½46Philippines (PHI)Rtg
16/1IMZimina, Olga (w)23890 - 1WIMFrayna, Janelle Mae (b)2281
16/2FMBrunello, Marina (b)23761 - 0WIMFronda, Jan Jodilyn (w)2128
16/3WFMMovileanu, Daniela (w)2268½ - ½Bernales, Christy Lamiel (b)2065
16/4WFMDi Benedetto, Desiree (b)21830 - 1WFMMendoza, Shania Mae (w)1965

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This win puts Philippines in rank number 23 after 10 rounds, and thus will face the tougher 12th seed, Lithuania, in the final round, board pairings below:

Bo.46Philippines (PHI)Rtg-12Lithuania (LTU)Rtg
12/1WIMFrayna, Janelle Mae (w)2281-GMCmilyte, Viktorija (b)2536
12/2WIMFronda, Jan Jodilyn (b)2128-IMDaulyte, Deimante (w)2421
12/3WIMSecopito, Catherine (w)2119-WIMZaksaite, Salomeja (b)2298
12/4WFMMendoza, Shania Mae (b)1965-WFMBatyte, Daiva (w)2189