Computer Style of Playing Chess

Photo: Adam Nadel/Associated Press
Photo: Adam Nadel/Associated Press

This NPR article entitled, “20 Years Later, Humans Still No Match For Computers On The Chessboard“, describes best the playing style of computers vs. humans:

“And in those borderline cases when it’s not obvious that you have to retreat, chess players tend to not like to retreat,” Polgar says. “Let’s say you move a knight forward towards your opponent’s king, attacking. Unless you absolutely have to retreat, you rather try to follow up that attack by bringing more pieces to attack your opponent’s king.”

Computers display no such stubbornness. “A computer, if it calculates that the best move is to retreat, it has absolutely no psychological boundaries holding it back from retreating,” Polgar says.

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ChessBase and Cloud Engines

Fritz 15 and ChessBase has this feature wherein you can use a cloud engine to analyze chess games from your computer. That way, you’re not confined to the processing power of your modest laptop.

A cloud engine could be that with the humongous processor from a custom rig anywhere in the world, or perhaps even the gaming rig you have at home.

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone do this cloud engine thing. If ChessBase didn’t pioneer it, someone else could beat them to it.

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TCEC Season 9

TCEC (Top Computer Engine Championship) Season 9 – group 1a starts today.



The premier computer chess championship TCEC is starting this May 1st with the strongest ever field – 12 engines over 3100 ELO and a total of 32 participants. Live games will be available at the official site of the competition starting at 13:00 CET.

Apparently, humans can’t compete with these computers, the latter now have a world of their own.

LightFICS is the Lightweight Solution for (FICS) App for Mac

If there’s Raptor, a great FICS desktop client for Mac, for advanced users, fortunately, there’s LightFICS for newbies. What’s more, apparently it’s lightweight from all the bells and whistles. You pretty much have to log in and play.

The app actually looks promising, although personally, I still have to try it out. Moreover, I liked the brown and cream squares color combination for the chess board.


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