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  • Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 5 Video Recap
    It’s rest day today for the Sinquefield Cup 2016, so we just let GM Maurice Ashley do the recap and show us what happened in Round 5. Round 6 is coming up soon. Wesley So will be up against the tournament leader, Veselin Topalov. The rest of the pairings are the following: Advertisements

  • Veselin Topalov Takes the Lead after Round 5 in Sinquefield Cup 2016
    Topalov is ahead by half a point with 4 rounds to go in the tournament.

  • Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 4 Highlights
    GM Maurice Ashley covers the highlights from yesterday’s Round 4 of the 2016 Sinquefield Cup, third leg of the Grand Chess Tour. Round 5 coming up later in just a few hours.

  • More Draws Abound Round 4 of Sinquefield Cup 2016
    It was never short of exciting games, but draws nonetheless.

  • Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 3 Highlights
    GM Maurice Ashley, in the video that follows, summarizes the drama that unfolded in Round 3 of Sinquefield Cup 2016: Round 4, we sure hope, will bring more excitement to this drama.

  • All Games Drawn in Round 3 of Sinquefield Cup 2016
    They were not necessarily uncontested draws at all. But draws nonetheless.

  • Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 2 Results
    Indeed, it was action-packed Round 2!

  • Wesley So and Veselin Topalov Win in Round 1 of Sinquefield Cup 2016
    Hikaru Nakamura and Peter Svidler fell victims in this round. Replay games here.

  • Sinquefield Cup 2016 (All Games Replay)
  • FIDE Ratings Update — August 2016
    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave takes the 2nd spot, but can he maintain the momentum come Sinquefield Cup 2016?

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