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  • US Ultimate Blitz Challenge 2016 (All Games)

  • Final Standings: US Ultimate Blitz Challenge 2016
    The last day of the challenge has finished, and Hikaru Nakamura came out to be the overall winner, followed by Wesley So with a full point behind. Garry Kasparov retained his 3rd rank from Day 1, and so did Fabiano Caruana, the champion of the US Chess Championship 2016, his tailender. Wesley So’s round 10 … Continue reading “Final Standings: US Ultimate Blitz Challenge 2016”

  • Wesley So leads Day 1 of the US Ultimate Blitz Challenge 2016
    9 Rounds down, and 9 rounds to go. Wesley So lost his very first game in this tournament/challenge against the legendary Garry Kasparov, but he managed to get back at the latter in their next two matchups (thus, their score so far is 2-1 in favor of So). He even come out ahead of the … Continue reading “Wesley So leads Day 1 of the US Ultimate Blitz Challenge 2016”

  • Wesley So vs. Garry Kasparov (2016)
    You heard it right. It’s happening! In 6 blitz games. As a bonus to the US Chess Championship 2016 event, the top 3 finishers, which of course include Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, and Hikaru Nakamura, all members of the top 10 in the recent FIDE Ratings List, will play in a 4-way sextuple round robin … Continue reading “Wesley So vs. Garry Kasparov (2016)”

  • US Chess Championship 2016 (All Games) Replay
  • US Chess Championship 2016 Final Standings
    Fabiano Caruana wins his last game against IM Akshat Chandra to establish a full point solo lead at the recently concluded US Chess Championship 2016. Wesley So settled for 2nd place where he shared the score 7.5 with Hikaru Nakamura.

  • US Championship Open?
    On Chessbase news:¬†US Championship 2016 – The strongest ever? Three top ten players start in the US Championship 2016 and nominally it is the strongest US Championship of all times. But can you really compare today’s tournaments with those of the past? Andy Soltis takes a look at previous Championships that were surprisingly strong and … Continue reading “US Championship Open?”

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