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  • World Champions Ranked by CAPS has recently developed a tool that evaluates the strength of play for any chess player, or the quality of moves of any chess game. They call it the Computer Aggregated Precision Score (or CAPS). Essentially, what CAPS does is evaluate a player’s game (or set of games) and assess its moves for its accuracy … Continue reading “World Champions Ranked by CAPS”

  • Vassily Ivanchuk is 7-time Capablanca Memorial champion
    Chessbase reports: The Capablanca Memorial is a tournament with a long tradition. The first of these events to honor the Cuban Champion was played in 1962, this year saw the 51st edition. Six of the previous 50 tournaments were won by Vassily Ivanchuk. This year he won for the seventh time. With four wins and … Continue reading “Vassily Ivanchuk is 7-time Capablanca Memorial champion”

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