Carlsen recovers with a win against Wei Yi, Round 2 Bilbao Masters Final 2016

World Champion Magnus Carlsen beats the Chinese Wei Yi in Round 2 of Bilbao Masters Final 2016, and just like that, he gets back into contention for the title. The rest of the games were drawn, again.

Wesley So drew his first two games in the tournament, first against Sergey Karjakin, and this time against Hikaru Nakamura.

Now, if it were a regular point-system, Wesley So would have been in second place and Carlsen in fifth in the ranking so far, which should look like as follows:


However, the three-point rule applies, thus Carlsen is up in second place with 3 points after that win against Wei Yi. Thus, the official ranking is as follows:

Bilbao Masters Final 2016 Standings after Round 2

1Hikaru NakamuraUnited States27874
2Magnus CarlsenNorway28553
3Wesley SoUnited States277021.25
4Sergey KarjakinRussia277321.00
5Anish GiriNetherlands278520.75
6Wei YiChina26961

Round 3 resumes later today, where we’ll see the preview of the World Championship, when the defending World Champion Magnus Carlsen faces the challenger Sergey Karjakin.

Replay all the games so far.

Photo credit: @bilbaochess


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