Breaking Down Philippines’ Performance in World Junior Chess Championships 2016

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Shania Mae Mendoza

Mendoza was on a bad start when she won only 1 game out of 4 against players below her rating of 2191. For the whole tournament, the average rating of all her opponents was 2039, still below hers, and she managed to score 6.5 points only out of 13 (below 50%). Thus, her ranking slid from seed no. 21 to 32.

Replay Shania Mae Mendoza games in World Junior 2016.

Breakdown of her games follow:

Shania Mae Mendoza (2191) Games and Results in World Junior Chess Championships 2016

RdColor*Opponent NameClubRatingPts.Cumu
1BlackChandreyee, HajraIND1931--
2WhiteChitlange, SakshiIND2014--
3BlackBarbier, AstridBEL18531.01.0
4WhiteVisanescu, Daria-IoanaROU2067-1.0
5BlackThomas, AnysiaFRA20490.51.5
6WhiteKakulidis, EllenDEN19891.02.5
7BlackCholadze, MariamiGEO20771.03.5
8WhiteLasya, GoliIND20841.04.5
9BlackAlinasab, MobinaIRI2199-4.5
10WhiteBala, Kannamma PIND2039-4.5
11BlackDivya, Lakshmi RIND18641.05.5
12WhiteMonnisha, G KIND2101-5.5
13BlackPriyanka, NutakkiIND22341.06.5
* The color that Shania Mae Mendoza played with in the game.

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