World Junior Chess Championship 2016 Final Results

[section_title title=”Philippines Contingents Performance”]

Philippines Contingents Performance

Up until Round 11, WIM Janelle Mae Frayna was leading the girls’ race. Unfortunately, she lost her Rounds 11 and 12 games, and drew the last round. In the final tally, she finished 5th only.

Except for Mendoza, everyone actually finished higher than their actual seeds at the start of the tournament.

Philippines Delegates Rankings in the World Junior Chess Championships 2016

TitleNameRatingSeed #Final
IMPaulo Bersamina24022619OpenU18
Paul Robert Evangelista20207156OpenU20
WIMJanelle Mae Frayna229295GirlsU20
WFMShania Mae Mendoza21912132GirlsU18

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