Eugene Torre leads players ranking after Round 9

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With seven wins and 2 draws, GM Eugenio Torre leads all the players in terms of points as he got 8 points out of 9 games as of the end of Round 9 in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad. He has yet to lose a single game in this event.

Check out the top players at the end of Round 9 below. Also, check the summary list of his opponents so far for the first nine rounds. You may replay all Eugene Torre games so far in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad below:[replay]

Top Players after Round 9

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  1. Medallist will be based on performance rating and not by pts scored. It means torre is 5th and gm so ranks 3rd. Looks unfair to me bec gm torre faced opponent w/ low elo pts. Can someone explain if its true? Hopefully its the points scored

  2. Its Torre leading in board 3 Wesly is in no 16 this last 2 rds will decide who deserves the gold in board 3 Eugene the 64yr old wonder is doing great a true blue Filipino

  3. So its the russian who is leading in board 3 gold medalist with 2 rds to go sad to say that both Torre and wesly is not leading in board 3 gold medalist hope one of them will get a medal anyway Torre record as a 64 yr old with the highest percentage of winning is already a record in Olympic a real tru blue Filipino

    • Its unfair because gm torre always pitted low ELO pts while the russian has less point and yet he was pitted against players with atleast 2700+ ELO pts. But i like what he said about him and even gm wesley to win board medals. He understand wesley and supported his decision to change federation

    • Yes thats why many chess player not only in the Phils. but in the world likes Eugene hes not only a good chess player but also a gentlleman I hope that Wesly can still play competitive chess at the age of 64

  4. He’s the first Filipino GM. His chess wit hasn’t faded, unlike Fischer who played just for money, never heard of now- is he dead?! I’d been following their games since the ’70’s…

    • boyet

      Bobby Fisher was considered the best during his time, the most brilliant player and a chess prodigy..his battle with Karpov was classic…he died years ago, stayed in the Phils and married a Filipina..

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