Computer Style of Playing Chess

Photo: Adam Nadel/Associated Press

Photo: Adam Nadel/Associated Press

This NPR article entitled, “20 Years Later, Humans Still No Match For Computers On The Chessboard“, describes best the playing style of computers vs. humans:

“And in those borderline cases when it’s not obvious that you have to retreat, chess players tend to not like to retreat,” Polgar says. “Let’s say you move a knight forward towards your opponent’s king, attacking. Unless you absolutely have to retreat, you rather try to follow up that attack by bringing more pieces to attack your opponent’s king.”

Computers display no such stubbornness. “A computer, if it calculates that the best move is to retreat, it has absolutely no psychological boundaries holding it back from retreating,” Polgar says.

This is of course on top of the fact that computers don’t suffer fatigue on hours, or even days, as much as humans do, of playing chess.

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