Magnus Carlsen scores a knockdown in Round 10 – World Chess Championship 2016

Forgive the boxing reference, but indeed, it was a big win for Magnus Carlsen in Round 10 of the World Chess Championship 2016 to even the score, with 5 points each, against the Challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

Perhaps due to time pressure, Karjakin, playing as black, made a series of sub-optimal moves in the endgame, starting from his 56th move. Carlsen capitalized on those weak plays and bagged his first win in this match. [replay]

Match breakdown follows:

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With 5 points apiece and two more rounds to go, this match winds down to a best of two games. Round 11 is on and live coverage should be available in ChessHive Live page. Remember that you may enjoy multi-camera live streaming with live commentaries by chess celebrities and grandmasters if you unlock’s full service when you visit their official website. Furthermore, you may enjoy 10% discount if you use our promo code: BISHOPD3.

Replay Round 10 game below: [replay]

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