Wei Yi, So and Karjakin Win in Round 3 Tata Steel Masters 2017

Dmitri Andreikin held Magnus Carlsen to a draw, so did Pentala Harikrishna to the tournament leader, Pavel Eljanov, in Round 3 of Tata Steel Masters 2017. This enabled the victors of the day: Wei Yi, Wesley So, and Sergey Karjakin catch up and tied in second place.

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 3 Results

[csvtable file=”http://chesshive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/tata-2017-round-3-results.csv”]

The Wesley So vs. Richard Rapport game was particularly interesting. Rapport was winning after his 32nd move. Take a look at the position below:

Wesley So vs. Richard Rapport, Round 3 Tata Steel Masters 2017. Position after So’s (white) 33. Qb1.

But Rapport’s 2 queen moves in 33…Qf7?? and 34…Qg6?? cost him the game. [replay]

This win by Wesley So put him in 3rd position in the live ratings, surpassing Vladimir Kramnik, after achieving the rating of 2811.5.

Live Ratings, January 16, 2017

Replay all Round 3 games below:[replay]

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Ranking After Round 3

[csvtable file=”http://chesshive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/tata-2017-ranking-after-round-3.csv”]

Replay all the games played so far in Tata Steel Masters 2017.


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