Nakamura wins Gibraltar 2017 title

Hikaru Nakamura and Yu Yangyi won their respective games in the final Round 10 of Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2017, to get a shot at the title when David Antón Guijarro drew his game against Michael Adams.

At the end of Round 10, Guijarro, Nakamura, and Yu were tied, thus necessitated a playoff:

Tradewise Gibraltar Masters 2017 Final Ranking

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In the playoff round, which featured 2 rounds of blitz games (10 minutes + 5 seconds per move) for each match, Nakamura defeated both Yu Yangyi and Guijarro to win the title.

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Photo credit: Gibraltar Chess.

Hou Yifan Protest

But, what really stole the show in today’s event was when Hou Yifan resigned after 5 moves against Babu Lalith in Round 10[replay]. She did this in protest to the tournament’s pairing system that she found irregular, and thus unfair.

If the tournament organizers did really manipulate the pairing system, then shame on them. Otherwise, shame on her.


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