Fifth Draw in a Row

The fifth round of the World Championship match between Fabiano Caruana and the defending world champion Magnus Carlsen in London may have been tense, having the black king wander around the board reaching white’s third rank at c3 and d3 before going back to safety at f5, but the game nonetheless ended in another draw. I guess we have to save blood for another day.

Replay Game 5 below:

This contest is so close, the match is still tied at the end of 4

The 2018 World Chess Championship in London is a third of the way through, and we are yet to see blood. All four games are drawn so far.

Replay the Game 4 and ended in another draw below:

Game 3 Grandmaster Analysis

Game 3 of the World Chess Championship 2018 in London ended in a draw. Watch a grandmaster’s analysis of the game below:

Carlsen vs. Caruana: 3rd Straight Draw for the World Championship

Round 2 WCC 2018 – Magnus Carlsen vs. Fabiano Caruana

WCC 2018 Game 1: Missed Opportunity for Carlsen

The opening round of the World Chess Championship 2018 may seem to have concluded unceremoniously, but that Magnus Carlsen missed a winning line if he instead just played 38… Rg3.

Let the following video explain how it could have ended differently:

Replay the full game below: