WCC18: 12 Draws, Off to Tiebreak Games

The final round of the World Chess Championship 2018 in London between the world champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Fabiano Caruana ended in another draw. It seems to me that both players just waited till the 30-move rule for draws was over and rushed to agree on the draw, and opted to settle the deadlock via the tiebreak games.

That’s a total of 12 draws in this 12-game match. Rest day follows Round 12. Tiebreak follows with 4 rapid games. If another deadlock ensues, 5 pairs of blitz games will be played, and if nothing yet is settled by then — Armageddon. Regardless of how deep into the tiebreak the match goes, all tiebreak games happen in one day.

Here’s how the Round 12 happened:

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