World Chess Championship 2018: 10 Draws in 10 Games

In the 10 classical games that were played so far in the World Chess Championship 2018 between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, we’ve seen all draws. They’re not necessarily old boring draws — they’re exciting, heart-pounding even, but draws nonetheless.

I can surmise the exhaustion this match must bring to both players, just as well as we’re tired by the draws. That makes us wonder: have these two already solved the game and mystery that is chess?

The 2018 World Championship match is set for 12 classical games. If the match remains undecided, it goes through 4 rounds of rapid games. If still even, up to 5 pairs of blitz games will be played. An Armageddon game will finally resolve the deadlock, if any.

Replay the Round 10 game below:

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