Philippines Women Team Pulls an Upset Against the 4th Seed Georgia in Round 2 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad

The Philippines Women Team in Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad pulled an upset against the 4th seed, Georgia, in Round 2.

The Philippines had an average rating of 2148 vs. Georgia that had an average rating of 2470. That’s 321 average rating difference. See the match-up and the individual games results below.

GEO vs. PHI - Round 2 Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad (Women)

Bo.4Georgia (GEO)Rtg-46Philippines (PHI)Rtg1½:2½
5/1GMDzagnidze, Nana (w)2522-WIMFrayna, Janelle Mae (b)2281½ - ½
5/2GMKhotenashvili, Bela (b)2463-WIMFronda, Jan Jodilyn (w)21280 - 1
5/3IMBatsiashvili, Nino (w)2474-Bernales, Christy Lamiel (b)20651 - 0
5/4IMMelia, Salome (b)2419-WIMSecopito, Catherine (w)21190 - 1

This win boosted the team’s ranking to No. 29 after 2 rounds. (See here)

Replay the games below: [replay]

In Round 3, the Philippines’ Women team will be up against the 5th seed, India. Can they pull another upset this time?

Tough Matches for Philippines in Round 2 of Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad

After winning all their 8 games in Round 1 for both Open and Women Section, the Philippine team are up against much tougher opponents in Round 2.[replay]

The Open Section team will be up against the 39th seed, Paraguay. The match up follows:

Philippines vs. Paraguay - Round 2 Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad Open

Bo.53Philippines (PHI)Rtg39Paraguay (PAR)Rtg
35/1GMSadorra, Julio Catalino (w)2560GMDelgado Ramirez, Neuris (b)2618
35/2GMGomez, John Paul (b)2492GMBachmann, Axel (w)2641
35/3GMTorre, Eugenio (w)2447GMCubas, Jose Fernando (b)2470
35/4GMBarcenilla, Rogelio (b)2455GMFranco Ocampos, Zenon (w)2496

Meanwhile, the Women team will be facing the 4th seed, Georgia:

Breaking Down Philippines’ Performance in World Junior Chess Championships 2016

[section_title title=”Paulo Bersamina”]

Paulo Bersamina

Paulo Bersamino is a Filipino International Master (IM) rated 2402 as of August 2016. He’s a member of the Philippine team going to the Baku 2016 Chess Olympiad.

In the recently concluded World Junior Chess Championships 2016, he played 13 games against opponents with average rating of 2376, and scored 7.5 points.

Paulo Bersamina in Round 13 of World Junior Chess Championships 2016. Photo credit:

Paulo Bersamina in Round 13 of World Junior Chess Championships 2016. Photo credit:

He had a 3-game winning streak from Rounds 9 to 11, so that at the end of Round 11, Bersamina was actually running tied at 4th to 7th place. But he lost to the ultimate champion, Jeffery Xiong, in Round 12 and to Yinglun Xu of China in Round 13, and thus settled for 19th place at the end of the tournament.

The following is the breakdown of the games of IM Paulo Bersamina in World Junior Chess Championships 2016:

World Junior Chess Championship 2016 Final Results

[section_title title=”Jeffery Xiong dominates the Open Section”]

Jeffery Xiong dominates the Open Section

Leading to the final round, Round 13, Jeffery Xiong of the United States was already a clear winner of the event.

He dominated the event all throughout with eight wins and five draws. Thus, he is now the youngest player to win the World Junior Chess Championship title.

The top-seeded Russian GM Vladislav Artemiev came in closest with 1 full point behind, 9.5 points.

Replay all the games in the Open Section.


The winners of World Junior Chess Championships 2016 Open Division: Vladislav Artemiev (Runner Up), Jeffery Xiong (Champion), and Narayanan Sunilduth Lyna (2nd Runner Up). Photo credit:

Final ranking of the Open section follows:

Philippine Contingents to the World Junior Chess Championships 2016

The World Junior Chess Championship is an under-20 chess tournament (players must have been under 20 years old on 1 January in the year of competition) organized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The 2016 edition is currently happening (7 to 22 August 2016) in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India, and is scheduled for 13 rounds Swiss System. The Open division is composed of 80 players including 8 Grandmasters, while the Girls section has 57 players including 1 International Master and 2 WGM’s.


Philippines sent 4 players to the event, 2 for the Open and 2 for Girls sections:

Philippines Delegates to the World Junior Chess Championships 2016

TitleNameRatingSeed #DivisionType
IMPaulo Bersamina240226OpenU18
Paul Robert Evangelista202071OpenU20
WIMJanelle Mae Frayna22929GirlsU20
WFMShania Mae Mendoza219121GirlsU18