This contest is so close, the match is still tied at the end of 4

The 2018 World Chess Championship in London is a third of the way through, and we are yet to see blood. All four games are drawn so far.

Replay the Game 4 and ended in another draw below:

Game 3 Grandmaster Analysis

Game 3 of the World Chess Championship 2018 in London ended in a draw. Watch a grandmaster’s analysis of the game below:

Carlsen vs. Caruana: 3rd Straight Draw for the World Championship

Round 2 WCC 2018 – Magnus Carlsen vs. Fabiano Caruana

WCC 2018 Game 1: Missed Opportunity for Carlsen

The opening round of the World Chess Championship 2018 may seem to have concluded unceremoniously, but that Magnus Carlsen missed a winning line if he instead just played 38… Rg3.

Let the following video explain how it could have ended differently:

Replay the full game below: