So, Carlsen and Eljanov Pull Ahead in Round 4 Tata Steel Masters 2017

Wesley So, Magnus Carlsen, and Pavel Eljanov won their games against Loek Van Wely, Wei Yi, and Baskaran Adhiban, respectively, in Round 4 of Tata Steel Masters 2017.

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 4 Results

1Carlsen, Magnus1-0Wei, Yi
2Harikrishna, Pentala½-½Karjakin, Sergey
3Giri, Anish½-½Andreikin, Dmitry
4Aronian, Levon½-½Nepomniachtchi, Ian
5Rapport, Richard½-½Wojtaszek, Radoslaw
6Adhiban, Baskaran0-1Eljanov, Pavel
7Van Wely, Loek0-1So, Wesley

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This win enabled Eljanov to hold firmly onto his lead with 3.5 points (out of 4 games), followed closely by Carlsen and So, both with 3 points.

Here’s the Standings after Round 4 »

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Wei Yi, So and Karjakin Win in Round 3 Tata Steel Masters 2017

Dmitri Andreikin held Magnus Carlsen to a draw, so did Pentala Harikrishna to the tournament leader, Pavel Eljanov, in Round 3 of Tata Steel Masters 2017. This enabled the victors of the day: Wei Yi, Wesley So, and Sergey Karjakin catch up and tied in second place.

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 3 Results

1Eljanov, Pavel½-½Harikrishna, Pentala
2Wei, Yi1-0Nepomniachtchi, Ian
3So, Wesley1-0Rapport, Richard
4Karjakin, Sergey1-0Van Wely, Loek
5Andreikin, Dmitry½-½Carlsen, Magnus
6Wojtaszek, Radoslaw½-½Giri, Anish
7Adhiban, Baskaran½-½Aronian, Levon

The Wesley So vs. Richard Rapport game was particularly interesting. Rapport was winning after his 32nd move. Take a look at the position below: Continue reading “Wei Yi, So and Karjakin Win in Round 3 Tata Steel Masters 2017”

Pavel Eljanov Leads Tata Steel Masters 2017 After Round 2

Pavel Eljanov wins anew, this time against Loek Van Wely, in Round 2 of Tata Steel Chess Masters 2017. In Round 1, he also won against Richard Rapport. Thus, he has sole lead of the tournament after 2 rounds.

Magnus Carlsen and Pentala Harikrishna also won their games against Radoslaw Wojtaszek and Baskaran Adhiban, respectively, while Wesley So and Anish Giri drew their game against each other in Round 2.

Here are the rest of the results:

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 2 Results

1Carlsen, Magnus1-0Wojtaszek, Radoslaw
2Harikrishna, Pentala1-0Adhiban, Baskaran
3Aronian, Levon½-½Wei, Yi
4Giri, Anish½-½So, Wesley
5Nepomniachtchi, Ian½-½Andreikin, Dmitry
6Rapport, Richard½-½Karjakin, Sergey
7Van Wely, Loek0-1Eljanov, Pavel

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Check out the ranking after Round 2 »

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 1 Results

Magnus Carlsen drew with Wesley So in Round 1 of Tata Steel Masters 2017. Here are the rest of the results.

Tata Steel Masters 2017 Round 1 Results

1Eljanov, Pavel1-0Rapport, Richard
2Harikrishna, Pentala½-½Aronian, Levon
3So, Wesley½-½Carlsen, Magnus
4Andreikin, Dmitry½-½Wei, Yi
5Karjakin, Sergey½-½Giri, Anish
6Wojtaszek, Radoslaw½-½Nepomniachtchi, Ian
7Adhiban, Baskaran½-½Van Wely, Loek

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CAPS World Champions

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Tata Steel Chess 2017 Masters Participants

Wesley So’s dominating performance last year will be put to a test as he faces anew the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, in Tata Steel Chess 2017. Check out the list of participants for the Masters category below: Check out the list »

FIDE Ratings – January 2017

Wesley So starts the year 2017 being part of the 2800 club. In the official FIDE Ratings list for January 2017, he’s at the 4th place with 2808 ELO points, up 14 points from last month. He overtook Maxime Vachier-Lagrave after winning the London Chess Classic back in December.

See below the Top 20 list:

1Carlsen, MagnusgNOR284001990
2Caruana, FabianogUSA2827111992
3Kramnik, VladimirgRUS281191975
4So, WesleygUSA280891993
5Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA2796111990
6Anand, ViswanathangIND2786111969
7Nakamura, HikarugUSA278591987
8Karjakin, SergeygRUS278501990
9Aronian, LevongARM278091982
10Giri, AnishgNED277391994
11Nepomniachtchi, IangRUS276701990
12Harikrishna, P.gIND276621986
13Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE276621985
14Ding, LirengCHN276041992
15Eljanov, PavelgUKR275541983
16Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR275221969
17Adams, MichaelgENG2751111971
18Wojtaszek, RadoslawgPOL275061987
19Svidler, PetergRUS274841976
20Grischuk, AlexandergRUS274211983

Check out the Top 100 list for January 2017.

Wesley So Wins London Chess Classic 2016 and Grand Chess Tour 2016 Titles

It’s a proud moment for Wesley So. He ends the year on a high note.

This, after Wesley So drew his final round game against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, while his closest contender for the London title, Fabiano Caruana, settled for draws as well against Anish Giri.

London Chess Classic 2016 Round 9 Results

1So, Wesley½-½Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime
2Anand, Viswanathan½-½Kramnik, Vladimir
3Giri, Anish½-½Caruana, Fabiano
4Aronian, Levon0-1Topalov, Veselin
5Adams, Michael½-½Nakamura, Hikaru

Interesting to note that Veselin Topalov finally scored a win against Levon Aronian in Round 9. He’s not going home scoreless after all, although at the bottom of the ranking nonetheless.

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Final Ranking »