Tactics Friday (#6)

Tactics Diagram No. 8104-1
Chess Diagram of Problem ID #8104

Does this position look familiar? Yes, that’s the fourth rapid game in the World Championship tie-break between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin. See solution below: Show Solution »

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December 2016 FIDE Ratings Update

At the end of 12 rounds of classical-format games in the World Championship where the score was tied at 6 points apiece, Magnus Carlsen lost 13 ELO points, while the Challenger Sergey Karjakin gained 13. The latter thus climbed from No. 9 to No. 6 in the process.

Levon Aronian, with his sub par performance in the 32nd European Club Cup, shed off some 10 rating points, allowing Wesley So to overtake him at the 5th spot of the world’s highest rated players.

Listed below are the Top 20 highest rated players in the December 2016 FIDE Ratings update:

1Carlsen, MagnusgNOR2840121990
2Caruana, FabianogUSA282301992
3Kramnik, VladimirgRUS280951975
4Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA280461990
5So, WesleygUSA279401993
6Karjakin, SergeygRUS2785121990
7Aronian, LevongARM278551982
8Anand, ViswanathangIND277901969
9Nakamura, HikarugUSA277901987
10Giri, AnishgNED277161994
11Harikrishna, P.gIND277071986
12Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE276871985
13Nepomniachtchi, IangRUS276701990
14Eljanov, PavelgUKR276261983
15Topalov, VeselingBUL276001975
16Ding, LirengCHN275781992
17Svidler, PetergRUS275361976
18Wojtaszek, RadoslawgPOL274971987
19Adams, MichaelgENG274821971
20Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR274771969

Check out the December 2016 FIDE Top 100 List.

Magnus Carlsen is Still King, Retains Title after Winning the World Chess Championship 2016 Match


The World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, retains his title after winning 2 of the 4 rapid games in the tie-break round. See match breakdown of the rapid round below:

Carlsen, MagnusNOR½½113
Karjakin, SergeyRUS½½001

Replay the games of the rapid round:Replay »

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Draw in Round 12, World Chess Championship 2016 – Tiebreak games follow

It was a hardly fought battle in the final Round 12 of the World Championship 2016, as both players seemed eager to split the point and proceed to the tie-break rounds instead. Hardly any effort was exerted by both parties in order to create imbalance and thus make the game more interesting. The World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, will thus defend his title via tiebreak rapid and/or blitz games.

The rules of the World Championship match states that draws cannot be offered and made until after black’s 30th move, except in a threefold repetition. Thus, indeed, they waited until black, played by the Challenger Sergey Karjakin, made its 30th move and agreed to a draw. Replay »

Match breakdown after 12 rounds of classical game formats follow:

Carlsen, MagnusNOR2853½½½½½½½0½1½½6
Karjakin, SergeyRUS2772½½½½½½½1½0½½6

Read the tie-break regulations »

Round 11 Draw – World Championship 2016

And it’s going to be down to a one-game showdown, with the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, playing white, against the Challenger Sergey Karjakin, in the World Chess Championship 2016, as Round 11 ended in another draw, the 9th in 11 games.Replay »

The last round, Round 12, will determine who will be the World Champion, or whether we’re headed to a tiebreak playoff.

Match breakdown follows:

Carlsen, MagnusNOR2853½½½½½½½0½1½½6
Karjakin, SergeyRUS2772½½½½½½½1½0½½6

Game 12 is on and live coverage should be available in ChessHive Live page. Remember that you may enjoy multi-camera live streaming with live commentaries by chess celebrities and grandmasters if you unlock Worldchess.com’s full service when you visit their official website. Furthermore, you may enjoy 10% discount if you use our promo code: BISHOPD3.

Replay Game 11 below:Replay »

Replay all the games (and download all PGN) of the World Championship 2016 match.

Magnus Carlsen scores a knockdown in Round 10 – World Chess Championship 2016

Forgive the boxing reference, but indeed, it was a big win for Magnus Carlsen in Round 10 of the World Chess Championship 2016 to even the score, with 5 points each, against the Challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

Perhaps due to time pressure, Karjakin, playing as black, made a series of sub-optimal moves in the endgame, starting from his 56th move. Carlsen capitalized on those weak plays and bagged his first win in this match. Replay »

Match breakdown follows: Continue reading “Magnus Carlsen scores a knockdown in Round 10 – World Chess Championship 2016”

Draw in Round 9, World Chess Championship 2016

The Challenger, Sergey Karjakin, failed to capitalize on his 1-pawn advantage at the endgame as the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, held him to a draw after 74 moves of play in Round 9 of the World Chess Championship 2016. Replay »


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