This is a complete brilliancy!
— GM Maurice Ashley

Commenting on the incredible knight sacrifice play by Wesley So against MVL in Chess 9LX. Watch the video here, where the commentators were flabbergasted by the play.

Candidates Tournament Resumes April 19, 2021

The first half of the tournament (7 out of 14 rounds) have been played in March last year. It was cut off due to the pandemic. The second half resumes this month, continuing with where the standings were before it was cut off:

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Alexandra Botez doing well on Twitch

Making $100K+ A Year Playing Chess On Twitch

Alexandra Botez, 25, is a professional Twitch streamer who makes six figures playing chess online. She and her sister Andrea Botez, 18, have over 650,000 followers and are signed with Team Envy, a global esports and entertainment company. 2020 was a big year for chess as the popular Netflix show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ attracted millions of new users to

I’m sure the show The Queen’s Gambit helped her Twitch channel somehow, but it must really be her good looks that catapulted her to such popularity.

How to lose a Filipino genius

Super Grandmaster Wesley So has officially become a United States citizen, the US Chess Federation announced Friday.

So, who now resides in Excelsior, Minnesota, received his documents on February 26 in what can be seen as an end to the saga between Philippine sporting authorities and the chess Super Grandmaster.

Super Grandmaster is title now? Enough of this melodrama.

Explore the games played in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

Have you watched this Netflix mini-series yet? If you’re a chess enthusiast, especially a beginner, you will not learn much about the Queen’s Gambit opening, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this TV series.

London Chess Classic also cancelled

Due to the practical difficulties of organising an OTB London Chess Classic this December amid the Covid-19 crisis, we have taken the unavoidable decision to cancel this year’s event. However, we’re planning an outdoor London Chess Festival in Summer 2021!

The whole world halts for this virus.

How Many Hours Of Chess Study Does It Take To Be A Grandmaster?‎

12,480 hours is the final estimate on the number of hours it takes to reach the grandmaster title for players who start under age 10. This is a huge time commitment, but the assumptions seem fairly reasonable based on all of the data I’ve looked at for chess improvement. The best things you can do for your own chess improvement involve having an efficient study plan, working hard, and staying dedicated year after year without getting burnt out.

At the end of the day, you’ll ask yourself: “Does getting good at chess pay well?”

FIDE Chess Olympiad 2020

The biennial team event by FIDE appears will be held online this year. It’s scheduled to happen July 22 to August 30, 2020.

I wonder how will the organizers prevent cheating in this big and online event?