The role of Olympiad Captains

Paul Truong writes about the role of Olympiad captains:

If one accepts the role of Captain of an Olympiad team, the #1 responsibility is to WIN, WIN, WIN! We are not there to have fun. We are not there to party. We are not there to please any individual player’s ego. We are there to WIN as a team! We are there to fight as a team. We are there to win for our countries. We can celebrate and have fun after it is over.

I am just shocked to see that some Captains will allow disruption, lack of unity, lack of team work, and worst of all, allow some players to choose which day, which opponent, and which color they want to play. Some players do not want to play a particular round to “protect” ratings. Are you kidding me?

I wonder which captains, from which countries, is he referring to?



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