US Chess Championship 2016 Final Standings

Fabiano Caruana wins his last game against IM Akshat Chandra to establish a full point solo lead at the recently concluded US Chess Championship 2016.

Final Standings - US Chess Championship 2016
Final Standings – US Chess Championship 2016

Wesley So settled for 2nd place where he shared the score 7.5 with Hikaru Nakamura.

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Carlsen is still the man to beat in Norway Chess 2016 after 5 Rounds

Magnus Carlsen draws with Anish Giri in the 5th round but still retain the lead thereafter. Crosstable after 5 rounds follow:

4th Norway Chess 2016 after Round 5
4th Norway Chess 2016 after Round 5

You may replay the game: Magnus Carlsen vs. Anish Giri, Round 5 – Norway Chess 2016.

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US Championship Open?

On Chessbase news: US Championship 2016 – The strongest ever?

Three top ten players start in the US Championship 2016 and nominally it is the strongest US Championship of all times. But can you really compare today’s tournaments with those of the past? Andy Soltis takes a look at previous Championships that were surprisingly strong and concludes that in a historical context 2016 might not be “the strongest ever”.

Let Magnus Carlsen and the rest of the top 10 gang play, and sure you may call it the strongest US Championship ever.

My point is, if you ask the question, “Is the 2016 US Championship by native Americans the strongest ever?” Then the answer is NO!

LightFICS is the Lightweight Solution for (FICS) App for Mac

If there’s Raptor, a great FICS desktop client for Mac, for advanced users, fortunately, there’s LightFICS for newbies. What’s more, apparently it’s lightweight from all the bells and whistles. You pretty much have to log in and play.

The app actually looks promising, although personally, I still have to try it out. Moreover, I liked the brown and cream squares color combination for the chess board.


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