So’s Sweet Revenge

US Chess Champs, 5: So’s sweet revenge

In 2015 Wesley So’s US Championship was derailed when he lost a 6-move forfeit game against Varuzhan Akobian. This year they got to play a full game, or at least 24 moves, which was all it took for So to crush his opponent.

Sweet revenge, indeed!


LightFICS is the Lightweight Solution for (FICS) App for Mac

If there’s Raptor, a great FICS desktop client for Mac, for advanced users, fortunately, there’s LightFICS for newbies. What’s more, apparently it’s lightweight from all the bells and whistles. You pretty much have to log in and play.

The app actually looks promising, although personally, I still have to try it out. Moreover, I liked the brown and cream squares color combination for the chess board.


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