Battle of the Grandmasters 2016

The Battle of the Grandmasters — the 2016 (Philippines) National Chess Championship Grand Finals is underway and off to its last round (Round 13) today.

6 Filipino grandmasters joined the Open Division.

Standings of the Open Division at the end of Round 12 follow:

Battle of GMs 2016 Standings after Round 12

Rk.TtlNameRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr 24748.5045.54.5
2GMGONZALES Jayson 238880.5475.5
3GMGOMEZ John Paul 249580.5413.5
4GMTORRE Eugenio 24467.51.540.54
5IMBERSAMINA Paulo 23787.5144.254.5
6NMNOURI Hamed 23277.50.536.753
7GMBARCENILLA Rogelio 245670353
8GMLAYLO Darwin 24576.50384
9IMGARMA Chito 23056029.52
10IMPASCUA Haridas 24245025.252.5
11FMREYES Narquinden 23424021.752
12MICIANO John Marvin 20443.5113.50.5
13NMGOTEL Michael 22383.5016.751.5
14NMEMPERADO Emmanuel 23091.509.251
Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: Koya Tie-Break

More info can be found here.

You may catch the updates of the games here.

So, how come the tournament has been going on for a while but there was little interest on it around the internet? Probably because they didn’t tap ChessHive to feature the event? 😀


The tournament has just concluded, with GM Rogelio Antonio Jr. tied with GM Jayson Gonzales when they gathered 9 (out of 13) points each. But after the tiebreak is applied, Antonio appears to be the winner.

They are closely followed by the young and promising IM Paulo Bersamina, and GM John Paul Gomez with 8.5 points.

Here’s the final ranking crosstable of the Open Division after 13 rounds:


Now, the more interesting question: Is the 18-year-old Paulo Bersamina the next mainstay of Philippine chess?

Replay all the games here.


  1. It’s great to know that Philippines chess is still active. I sure hope Paulo Bersamina will earn his GM title soon and be the pillar of Philippine chess in the future.

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