Hikaru Nakamura is the King of Grand Chess Tour Paris 2016

Chessbase reports:

Hikaru Nakamura convincingly won the Grand Chess Tour Paris. After a shaky start into the second day of the blitz tournament he started to win game after game. World Champion Magnus Carlsen, however, failed to find his form and lost one game after the other. After 16 of 18 rounds Nakamura was 2.5 points ahead and had won the tournament with two rounds to go.

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura finished both with 11.5 points in their 18 blitz games. Interesting to note, though, that in their match-up, Carlsen won both games.

Wesley So started to pick up and win more games in the last eight rounds with a score of 5.5/8, but it was not enough to help his campaign when he scored 3 points only in the first 10 rounds. Thus, he just settled in the 7th place in the blitz leg and 4th overall.

Final blitz crosstable follows: 


Click image for larger view

Remember that the rapid games crosstable looked like below:


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Thus, using the formula: [(Rapid Score) x 2] + (Blitz Score), final combined standings and their GCT Points follow:

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Replay all games:

Grand Chess Tour Points

Grand Chess Tour 2016 is a circuit of 4 chess tournaments and start with the GCT Paris (this tournament) Rapid and Blitz games. Participants rack up points in order to determine who is/are the ultimate winners.

Complete lineup of the tour stops under the Grand Chess Tour 2016 follows:

# Tour Stop Game Format Date Venue
1 GCT Paris Rapid/Blitz June 9-12, 2016 Paris, France
2 Your Next Move Rapid/Blitz June 17-20, 2016 Leuven, Belgium
3 Sinquefield Cup Classic Aug. 4-16, 2016 St. Louis, USA
4 London Chess Classic Classic Dec. 8-19, 2016 London, UK

See Grand Chess Tour website for more details.

Photos courtesy of Chessbase and Grand Chess Tour.

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