More Draws in Round 7 of Bilbao Masters Final 2016

Chess fans, and sports fans in general, call for blood during games in order to spice things up. But that was not the case in Round 7 of Bilbao Chess, when all six players settled for draws.

The Week in Chess:

Bilbao Round 7 saw no change in the relative scores as all the games were drawn. Magnus Carlsen had slight pressure throughout against Wei Yi without ever being objectively much better. Careful calculation saw Wei Yi hold the draw. Hikaru Nakamura looked like he was getting somewhere against Wesley So but in the end the game petered out to a draw. Anish Giri had very little advantage against Sergey Karjakin and they traded to a draw.

As such, we see no movement in the ranking:

Bilbao Masters Final 2016 Ranking after Round 7

1Magnus CarlsenNorway285512
2Hikaru NakamuraUnited States27879
3Wei YiChina26968
4Anish GiriNetherlands27856
5Sergey KarjakinRussia27736
6Wesley SoUnited States27706

Replay the all round 7 games as well as the rest of the games in the tournament here.

Photo credit: Bilbao Chess.


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