Wesley So interview on ChessBase

Wesley So, on his interview over at ChessBase, cited the Universiade incident, and remarked:

In 2013 I won a gold for the Philippines in the Universiade in Russia. Their first chess gold in like 50 years. The Philippine sport heads quarrelled over who was to get the glory for that win. In the end they could not agree so I was not formally recognized for winning it. It also came with a one million pesos award that I never got. I only received belated recognition for it in 2015. A nice politician convinced the senate to give me a plaque. But not the money. [Laughs]

Take a second look at the second sentence:

Their first chess gold in like 50 years.

The use of the word “their” instead of “our”, or perhaps the more neutral pronoun “its”, that to me suggests bitterness. But, can you blame the guy?


  1. I cannot blame him for leaving but not his bitterness… i am happy for him but he must move on from it because sooner or later he’ll realize he is not a happy man… he must let go in seeking for more glory

  2. di mo masisi ang tao wala kasing programa ang gobyerno natin tingnan mo yong mga tournament karamihan private company nag organize kahit nga sa fiesta ng probinsya walang tournament ng chess… dapat sana mag simula yan sa mga fiesta2x sa probinsya para yong mga bata sa elementary matoto ng chess hindi mahal ang chess board pwede mo rin mahiram yan

  3. let’s give Wesley the benefit of the doubt of what he really meant of the “their” he had spoken. Wesley is not the person who continue to rancor of what was had happened. mabait at very humble si Wesley!

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