Grand Chess Tour 2016 Standings (After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis)

As we have mentioned before, Wesley So now leads the Grand Chess Tour 2016 race with 30 GCT points:

But let’s find out how did the rest of the players fared so far:

Grand Chess Tour 2016 Ranking After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis

PlayerParisLeuvenSt LouisTotalPrize Money
Wesley So7.0010.0013.0030.00$120,000
Magnus Carlsen*10.0013.00-23.00$67,500
Levon Aronian6.008.007.7521.75$66,250
Hikaru Nakamura13.004.004.5021.50$62,500
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave8.005.004.5017.50$40,000
Fabiano Caruana3.006.007.7516.75$58,750
Viswanathan Anand-7.007.7514.75$51,250
Veselin Topalov$51,250
Anish Giri5.002.501.008.50$30,000
Vladimir Kramnik4.002.50-6.50$15,000
Ding Liren*--3.003.00$15,000
Peter Svidler*--2.002.00$15,000
Laurent Fressinet*1.00--1.00$7,500
These are GCT (Grand Chess Tour) points earned by each player from the last three legs and the total GCT points. Prize money is the total prize earned so far from the tour.

* Considered as wildcards for the tour.

Remember that for the overall Grand Chess Tour race, only the top 3 scores will be tallied, and the lowest score will be dropped. Moreover, you need to play in at least 3 events in order to be in contention for the tour title. The fourth leg, the London Chess Classic 2016 will start 9 December 2016.

Thus, Wesley So, now with 30 points, is now guaranteed a 3rd place in the tour. If you do the math, only two players have chances to beat his score:

  • Magnus Carlsen — that is if he springs a surprise and plays in London (remember up until now there’s still no wildcard player for London)
  • Hikaru Nakamura — that is if he finishes sole first place (and thus score 13 GCT points) and Wesley So to finish fourth or lower (and thus score 7 GCT points or lower) in London

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Looking back:

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Paris Final Ranking.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Paris Final Ranking. Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Leuven Final Ranking.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Leuven Final Ranking. Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Sinquefield Cup Final Ranking.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Sinquefield Cup Final Ranking. Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour.

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Ranking After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis (Sinquefield Cup).

Grand Chess Tour (2016) Ranking After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis (Sinquefield Cup). Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour.


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  1. Hes a good player no doubt but yun hindi ka marunong tumanaw sa pinanggalingan mo is a NO NO..Greatness is nothing….Pilipino pa bang matatawag si Wesley or Amerikano na talaga..gulo nga noon eh from philippines chess fed lumipat na ng usa chess federatiom

    • Caloy

      If Wesley so did not joined US chess Fed he will not achive his current ranking. In 2016 he reached the no.2 rank and won most of the chess tour and the grand chess tour grand winner. He also played 63 games without lossing. He also played in the candidate tour but distraction hit him so he did not made it. This year Wesley So is starting to rise again and won the you next move tour and place 3rd in Paris. Do you think Wesley can reach this milestone if he remained and stayed in the Phil’s and Phil’s Fed? There are many talented Filipino chess players but due to lack of good opportunity and willingness to push for more rigid trainings they are not growing on their talent. Wesley is so determined to success in his chess career. Anyway Wesley So is still Filipino citizen and not embracing American culture. He is wearing barong last year when he received his trophy.

  2. Kakalungkot LNG ibang bandila ang dala nya. Di kasi binibigyan ng tamang ayuda ng gobyerno nation. Sayang. Buti na LNG kinikilala pa rin ni wesley pagkapilipino nya khit knailangan PA nya tulong ng ibang bansa kc wa dto sa pinas.

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