Wesley So and Veselin Topalov Win in Round 1 of Sinquefield Cup 2016

Wesley So in Sinquefield Cup 2016

Wesley So in Sinquefield Cup 2016. Photo courtesy of Grand Chess Tour.

Sinquefield Cup 2016 starts with a bang! Two out of five games were decisive.

Wesley So beats Hikaru Nakamura in their clash ([replay]) in Round 1 of Sinquefield Cup. Apparently, this was So’s first win over Nakamura in a classical time period game.  Meanwhile, Peter Svidler fell victim to Veselin Topalov on the other board. The rest of the games were drawn.

Chessbase described the round as:

Fans got it all in what was a thrilling start to the Sinquefield Cup. The only dry game was Ding Liren versus Aronian in a fairly quick draw, but things picked up as all boards saw vicious battles. MVL seemed like his star would fall as he was in big trouble against Giri, but saved it after Anish blundered. However, the biggest blunder was Svidler’s terrible oversight, losing a piece to Topalov. Nakamura suffered an off-day and lost to So, while Anand and Caruana drew a very complicated battle.

Standings after Round 1:


Replay: all the games played so far in Sinquefield Cup 2016.


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    Sinquefield Cup Tournament
    Veselin Topalov 1/1 (+1 -0 =0) [view games]
    Wesley So 1/1 (+1 -0 =0) [view games]
    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 0.5/1 (+0 -0 =1) [view games]
    Levon Aronian 0.5/1 (+0 -0 =1) [view games]
    Anish Giri 0.5/1 (+0 -0 =1) [view games]
    Ding Liren 0.5/1 (+0 -0 =1) [view games]
    Peter Svidler 0/1 (+0 -1 =0) [view games]
    Hikaru Nakamura 0/1 (+0 -1 =0) [view games] GM Wesley So wins vs GM Hikaru Nakamura.

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