Wesley So in Isle of Man (Masters) 2016

Wesley So came in as 2nd seed at the start of Chess.com’s Isle of Man International Chess Tournament 2016 (Masters category), with an ELO rating of 2794. Throughout the duration of the tournament, he played 9 rounds against players with an average rating of 2709. He tallied 4 wins and 5 draws, for a score of 6.5 points, a performance rating of 2767 — below his current rating.

The table below summarizes the opponents and results of Wesley So’s games in Isle of Man 2016:

[csvtable file=”http://chesshive.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/welsey-so-results-iom-2016.csv”]

Given the sub-par performance, Wesley So settled for 4th-7th place at the conclusion of the tournament, tied with Alexei Shirov, Salem Saleh, and David Howell. (See final ranking)

Replay all Wesley So games in Isle of Man 2016 (Masters) below: [replay]

Replay: all Isle of Man 2016 (Masters) games.


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