Sinquefield Cup 2016 Awarding Ceremony Pictures

Check out the pictures taken during the Sinquefield Cup 2016 awarding (closing) ceremony:

Photos credit: Lennart Ootes: Website | Twitter

Grand Chess Tour 2016 Standings (After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis)

As we have mentioned before, Wesley So now leads the Grand Chess Tour 2016 race with 30 GCT points:

But let’s find out how did the rest of the players fared so far:

Grand Chess Tour 2016 Ranking After Paris, Leuven, and St. Louis

PlayerParisLeuvenSt LouisTotalPrize Money
Wesley So7.0010.0013.0030.00$120,000
Magnus Carlsen*10.0013.00-23.00$67,500
Levon Aronian6.008.007.7521.75$66,250
Hikaru Nakamura13.004.004.5021.50$62,500
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave8.005.004.5017.50$40,000
Fabiano Caruana3.006.007.7516.75$58,750
Viswanathan Anand-7.007.7514.75$51,250
Veselin Topalov$51,250
Anish Giri5.002.501.008.50$30,000
Vladimir Kramnik4.002.50-6.50$15,000
Ding Liren*--3.003.00$15,000
Peter Svidler*--2.002.00$15,000
Laurent Fressinet*1.00--1.00$7,500
These are GCT (Grand Chess Tour) points earned by each player from the last three legs and the total GCT points. Prize money is the total prize earned so far from the tour.

* Considered as wildcards for the tour.

Wesley So Wins Sinquefield Cup 2016

With a score of 5.5 out of 9 games, with draws in the last three games, Wesley So emerged as the victor in this year’s Sinquefield Cup, the third leg of Grand Chess Tour 2016. That, despite of in the last round, Veselin Topalov had a winning position, which would have guaranteed him playoff games against So to determine the ultimate champion.

But in the end, Levon Aronian was able to hold off Topalov to a draw.[replay]

Results of the Round 9 games follow:

Watch: Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 6 Recap

The gladiators of chess cross swords once again, right now.

That’s how GM Maurice Asheley describes what happens in Round 7, which is coming up soon!

In Round 7, Wesley So will play black against Peter Svidler. Here’s the complete match-ups:

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 7 Matchups

Viswanathan Anand2770--Levon Aronian2792
Veselin Topalov2761--Anish Giri2769
Peter Svidler2751--Wesley So2771
Fabiano Caruana2807--Ding Liren2755
M. Vachier-Lagrave2819--Hikaru Nakamura2791

Stay tuned for more updates from Sinquefield Cup 2016.

Replay all the games in Sinquefield Cup 2016.

Wesley So Beats Topalov in Round 6 and Takes the Sole Lead in Sinquefield Cup 2016

After we’ve seen 14 draws out of 15 games in the last three rounds, we finally saw real action in Round 6 of Sinquefield Cup 2016. 3 out of 5 games were decided, the biggest of which was where Wesley So beat the tournament leader at the start of this round, Veselin Topalov, and reclaim the solo lead, and with a clear half point lead this time.

The other winners of the round were Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (over Levon Aronian) and Ding Liren (against Peter Svidler). Summary of the results follows:

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 6 Results

Levon Aronian27710-1M. Vachier-Lagrave2819
Hikaru Nakamura27311/2-1/2Fabiano Caruana2807
Ding Liren27931-0Peter Svidler2751
Wesley So27791-0Veselin Topalov2761
Anish Giri27651/2-1/2Viswanathan Anand2770

Replay the games of the round. [replay]

Thus, after the action-packed Round 6, the ranking is as follows:

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 5 Video Recap

It’s rest day today for the Sinquefield Cup 2016, so we just let GM Maurice Ashley do the recap and show us what happened in Round 5.

Round 6 is coming up soon. Wesley So will be up against the tournament leader, Veselin Topalov. The rest of the pairings are the following:

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 6 Match-Ups

Levon Aronian2792--M. Vachier-Lagrave2819
Hikaru Nakamura2791--Fabiano Caruana2807
Ding Liren2755--Peter Svidler2751
Wesley So2771--Veselin Topalov2761
Anish Giri2769--Viswanathan Anand2770
Pairings for Round 6

Veselin Topalov Takes the Lead after Round 5 in Sinquefield Cup 2016

Former FIDE World Champion Veselin Topalov beat China’s No. 1 Ding Liren in Round 5 of Sinquefield Cup 2016 to take the lead from the rest of the pack.

Veselin Topalov leads the pack after Round 5. Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour

Veselin Topalov leads the pack after Round 5. Photo credit: Grand Chess Tour

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 5 Results

Anish Giri27691/2-1/2Levon Aronian2784
Viswanathan Anand27701/2-1/2Wesley So2771
Veselin Topalov27611-0Ding Liren2755
Peter Svidler27511/2-1/2Hikaru Nakamura2791
Fabiano Caruana28071/2-1/2M. Vachier-Lagrave2819

Replay all the Round 5 games [replay]

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 4 Highlights

GM Maurice Ashley covers the highlights from yesterday’s Round 4 of the 2016 Sinquefield Cup, third leg of the Grand Chess Tour.

Round 5 coming up later in just a few hours.

Sinquefield Cup 2016 Round 5 Matchups

Anish Giri2769--Levon Aronian2792
Viswanathan Anand2770--Wesley So2771
Veselin Topalov2761--Ding Liren2755
Peter Svidler2751--Hikaru Nakamura2791
Fabiano Caruana2807--M. Vachier-Lagrave2819