News about Bilbao Masters Final 2016

  • FIDE Ratings Update — August 2016
    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave takes the 2nd spot, but can he maintain the momentum come Sinquefield Cup 2016?

  • Magnus Carlsen wins Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    It was a quiet 10th and final round for Bilbao Masters Final 2016 as the players drew all their three games. Magnus Carlsen was already the clear winner even before the final round started, and the participants were all seemed satisfied with their ranking, thus the draws in Round 10. Hikaru Nakamura was undefeated during … Continue reading “Magnus Carlsen wins Bilbao Masters Final 2016”

  • Carlsen Finally Defeats Giri in a Classical Game in Round 9 Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    With one round to go, Bilbao 2016 already saw a winner, as Magnus Carlsen now leads by 5 points against the second placer, Hikaru Nakamura. Chessbase reports: Before Bilbao 2016 Magnus Carlsen had never won a game with classical time-control against Anish Giri. But in round nine of the “Masters” in Bilbao he finally did. … Continue reading “Carlsen Finally Defeats Giri in a Classical Game in Round 9 Bilbao Masters Final 2016”

  • Playing Chess With A Fitbit Blaze
    I still couldn’t imagine how a Fitbit Blaze can help in the development of chess players! Explain this to me further please?

  • Wesley So Beats Anish Giri in Round 8 Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    Nakamura stays unbeaten as he drew his game against Wei Yi. Karjakin failed to even his score against Carlsen as their game ended in a draw as well.

  • More Draws in Round 7 of Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    In as much as we need them draw blood, we’re left disappointed.

  • Wei Yi Wins in Round 6 of Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    The defending champion of the tournament, Wesley So, settled for another draw with Sergey Karjakin, and is thus now running last in the ranking.

  • Carlsen-Karjakin R3 Bilbao Game Analyzed
    How would you know that an innocent-looking move like 20… Rc4 would prove to be a disaster for black? That is what GM Valentin Iotov explains in the video analysis that follow: Now tell me, will this type of game dominate the World Championship in November? Check out all the games played so far in … Continue reading “Carlsen-Karjakin R3 Bilbao Game Analyzed”

  • All Draws in Round 5 of Bilbao Masters Final 2016
    Halfway through the tournament, Magnus Carlsen still leads by 3 points. In Bilbao, the three-point rule applies.

  • Magnus Carlsen keeps winning in Bilbao Masters Final 2016 Round 4
    That is the quality of games that Carlsen is showing in Bilbao that his title should be CG instead of GM.

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